27 May 2009

Horrific but entirely accurate

A well-meaning friend introduced me to Wordle yesterday by showing me the word-cloud it creates from my blog feed. Essentially it goes through all the text and then picks out the most common words, attributing greater size to those used more frequently.

Take a look at the result:

How horrifying is that? Look how big the 'Mum' is! It's MASSIVE! And you can hardly even see Chris on there, he's tiny and under Mum.

I was absolutely appalled. I'm so sorry to have bored you all by going on and on and on about my mother. Although I don't feel like she dominates that much of my life, she clearly dominates a fair bit of what I think about and a lot of what I write about. It's not healthy really; I'd much rather my word cloud featured a few more positive words like 'fun' and 'enjoyed'. But no, they're not even in there I don't think. How sad.

I resolve therefore to try to write a bit less about my mother, to think about her perhaps a bit less (fat chance, she rang me twice yesterday and she's already texted me this morning), and to allocate more of my attention to pleasant and enjoyable activities. I shall then review my Wordle in a few weeks and see if it looks a bit more positive.

I'll fail of course. It's in my nature to be negative, but I can try.

UPDATE: Oo oo, 'enjoyed' is on there actually! It's very small and on the far left. Let's see if we can't nurture it to a more decent size.


Urban Cynic said...

I just created mine but don't know how to paste the picture into my blog (I linked the article to yours as well!)I pasted the code but Blogger didn't like it - am I being really thinck? help me!

Urban Cynic said...

Christ; that'll be thick not thinck... jeeez

superlative said...

I had to do a screencap of mine to get it in there, I couldn't see how else to embed the image.

Send me the code it wants you to paste maybe and I'll screencap it and send it back?

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's unhealthy - it would be worse if you bottled it all up and never moaned about anything. Stoic is fine sometimes but othertimes it's better to rant!
I want a blog just so I can get a Wordle. I suspect CAKE would be what the eye is drawn to.
Helen x

superlative said...

I'm told it also works for committee papers - you plug it into Wordle, and you can deduce the main jist of it from the word cloud without actually having to read it!

Chris said...

This is the funniest thing I've ever seen.

I'm not even on your radar.
(on your radar...)

Chris said...

I take it back. I am the same ranking as 'Virus'

superlative said...

You are slightly bigger than virus.

And to be fair, I do get a LOT of viruses.