11 November 2008

Stupid Rainbowfish Boy

We saw Rainbowfish Boy again the other day, walking along with his stupid new stubble and some "friend". I haven't mentioned him much since I wrote this original post in which I established the Pyramid of Hate. We have seen him a couple of times though, out at the Ghetto and in the street. Not as much as we used to, which is a plus, but he's obviously still around.

Chris has moved beyond trying to be polite, or even ignoring him, and instead sneered at him the last time we walked past him. I don't know if he noticed or not, but it was satisfying nonetheless.

I bet we end up stuck in a lift with him one day, or introduced to him as someone's new boyfriend, and then there'll be an awkward silence where we have to decide if we ask him why he's such a twat or not. That reminds me, I must buy a new can of Mace..

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