11 November 2008

Further update to the homosexual dilemma

I think my decision is made now regarding Dave's wedding. I've booked a hotel for the night for the both of us (me and Chris, not me and Dave, I imagine he'll be sharing a room with his new wife), but Chris is only going to come to the evening. So I'll do my ushering or whatever Dave wants during the day, sit with whoever they put me with for dinner (please not Grandad, please not Grandad), and then Chris can arrive discreetly with the other evening guests. I'm not sure how late my Grandad will stay, he'll probably want to be heading home by 8 or 9 hopefully.

It's a bit of a shame for me to be playing this stupid game still at 27, but I think it's for the best, there's no real benefit to me coming out to everyone on that side of the family at this stage. I did mention to Dave that I didn't want Grandad to cause a scene at the wedding and that that was one of my primary concerns, and he said "oh we want him to cause a scene; he's going to hit the roof when he hears Janine isn't taking our name". Which was nice I suppose, but I still don't believe he actually wants his wedding spoilt by an opinionated unpleasant old man.

Is it wrong that I'm still holding out hope he won't still be with us by May? Probably a little. Fuck it, he should have tried being a bit nicer shouldn't he?

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