12 November 2008

I know I'm a bit weird, but...

I could probably start lots of posts like that actually. I am a bit weird, I have lots of funny things I do, most of which (I hope) no-one knows about.

Anyway, I know I'm a bit weird, but there is a particular seat on the bus that I always like to sit in. I have tried out sitting in various positions, and I have chosen it as being the best in terms of ease of alighting, view, being away from screaming babies, not being too near the back where the school children who might harass you sit, and various other factors. So whenever I get on the bus, that's where I head for.

And recently some stupid girl who gets the same bus to work as me has obviously adopted it as her favourite seat too. She must get on somewhere before me, because almost every morning now there she is, smugly ensconced in my seat reading her stupid photocopied journal articles and trying to look intellectual. And it's really annoying! That's my seat! But aside from getting up early in order to catch a different bus, or catching a bus in the other direction first so I can then get on somewhere before she does and stick my tongue out at her when she gets on at the next stop (a bit extreme maybe), there's nothing I can do about it.

Is it weird of me to have a favourite seat? It is a little. But anyway, I learnt to embrace my odd quite a while ago.

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Nel said...

I think this goes along with us all being, to some degree, creatures of habit. If I really sat down and thought about it, I'm sure I could make a long list of things like this that I do. So hey...if you're weird...then at least you're not alone. lol I used to get like that in college, when I'd kinda adopt a seat in a class as my own, since there were no set seating arrangements. So whenever someone would get to class earlier and take "my seat" I'd secretly curse them throughout the class. LOL