20 February 2009

Two things that are a bit annoying

1) Mothers who can talk about nothing but their child(ren). For some reason, some mothers upon giving birth to their first child completely lose the ability to talk about or be aware of anything but him/her/it. This is completely to the detriment of anything else in their life, and assumes that everyone else in the world is only interested in hearing about it. It's all "today my baby did this, yesterday he drank a whole bottle of orange juice, he's almost able to do this now, he's pooing a lot more than usual now" (they also become obsessed with talking about their bowel movements). I mean, yes it's nice that they've had a baby, and yes it's nice that they love it and are very interested in it, but what happened to the whole human being with thoughts and opinions that they once used to be? And why do they think everyone else would only want to talk about that ALL the fucking time? So they end up only talking to other mothers, as they can then squawk on happily about their babies, presumably without listening to a word the other one is saying.

2) Gay men who say they've "had enough of Brighton" or "need to get out of Brighton". I've heard it a dozen times, and it is always related in some way to Brighton "doing their head in". Well actually no, I don't think Brighton is the problem - the problem is that you've slept with everyone on the gay scene, so now can't go out without seeing someone you were hoping to avoid, and you're still single because you've no idea what to do after you've slept with someone once or twice so end up dumping them (or getting dumped). How is that Brighton's fault? And why would going somewhere else make it better? You'll only go somewhere else and start the whole cycle again, except in most other places there aren't as many gay people, so then you'll complain you're lonely and can't meet a man. It's really infuriating! Gay men seem to get really fucked up about relationships, but they do it to themselves because they think sex and a relationship are the same thing.

So anyway, those are two things I find annoying. I can assure anyone reading this that these examples probably don't apply to you, as the people I'm thinking of don't read this blog. And if you feel it does apply to you, well.... now you know, so try not to do it.

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jimmy said...

I completely agree, and with the mum thing it's even worse when it's one of your close friends who used to be normal people but can no longer carry on a conversation that doesn't involve throwing up and changing nappies (I usually tune out by this point)

and the pseudo-anxious gay men of Brighton are even more annoying when they're complaining about the gay scene whilst smoking outside revenge/charles st/ghetto etc (I usually tune out by that point lol)