20 February 2009

Not feeling ill? Start the clock!

I'm back at work now, and am no longer ill, hooray! Of course, it is only a matter of time before I get some other virus, so I had better enjoy it while it lasts. Maybe I should start a counter, and keep a running total of how many days I succeed in staying healthy. It'll be like Bridget Jones's "Cigarettes: 4; Alcohol units: 8" at the start of each entry.

So here we go:
Days Healthy - 1

On the downside, Chris has caught what I had now, so is at home with a raging sore throat during his half term, and probably feeling a bit hard done-by. He normally fends off my illnesses with his superior immune system, but not this time. I hope he gets better soon, I quite want to go dancing at the weekend.

I've just been reading a recent blog post by Jay Brannan where he talks about not liking being labelled as a gay artist. I do agree with him, particularly where he talks about gay people who live in a ghetto-ised environment where being gay seems to be the most important part of their personality. They only read gay books, the only have gay friends, it's all so insular. I met quite a few people like that at university, and I don't think it's healthy.

And how do you manage only to have gay friends anyway? Most people are straight, surely your group of friends would have to comprise a few?? And lots of gay men are really quite unpleasant...

Some people have commented in full agreement with him, and have voiced the sentiment I share that if all we focus on is our differences, how will we ever get passed them? Celebrating your differences is fine, but making everything in your life be about them seems wrong to me.

Other people however have really laid into him about it, which I think is mean. If he doesn't want to be pigeonholed and have his music shoved into the gay section of a shop, I think that's up to him.

Anyway, enough semi-ranting now, I'm off to have my lunch and hopefully not contract any diseases.


Anonymous said...

Or like the Incredible Hulk:

Days without incident: 1

Maybe I need something like that to measure my cake intake. The counter would rarely get about 3 though.

Helen xx
ps - I like the darker background to the blog

Nel said...

I read that entry by Jay, too...and loved and agreed with what he had to say. Though I gotta admit, I'm kinda one of those people that really only has gay friends. lol I guess it's because I tend to be more social when I go out, rather than other places such at work. Here, at work, I keep to myself. But when I'm out having fun, which is usually at the club or whatnot, thats when I may end up meeting new friends, mostly gay. lol Still...it's not that they're gay that attracts me to them as friends anyway...it's who they are or what they are into. Gotta have people I can annoy with my random interests after all. :)