10 February 2009

It's not news

Watching the news last night, I was surprised to find that the second story, the one immediately after 170 people being killed in two days in bush fires in Australia, was that somebody called Scolari has been sacked as the manager of Chelsea football club.

Really? The second most important event of the day, in the whole world?? No! I'm sorry, but that is not news, it shouldn't even be on a news programme at all. It doesn't matter that Mr Scolari is no longer the manager of Chelsea, it doesn't affect anything important. It would only really matter to Chelsea fans, and maybe some other football enthusiasts, but that is hardly sufficient. I'm sure it would matter to readers of Knitting Monthly magazine if the editor were found in bed with an aardvark, but that's no reason to subject the rest of the nation to it.

I object actually to sport being included in any news programme. Sports are games, they're not news. They should at least call the programmes 'News and sport' to make the distinction, or better yet they should put sport in a separate programme altogether, ideally on a channel I don't subscribe to. If something major happens like Monica Selles getting stabbed on centre court at Wimbledon, OK that's news, but otherwise I don't want it cluttering up my televisual experience, and I certainly don't want it getting in the way when I'm waiting for cute Matt Taylor to tell me the weather forecast.

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Nel said...

I couldn't agree with you more on the whole sports thing! Maybe they should at least put them at the end so we can just tune out at that point if we want. Plus, I usually watch news right before bed and rarely make it through the end anyway. hehe