13 January 2009

I'm now an avid sports fan

I've been watching a couple of recordings we made of the Olympics recently, specifically of the diving. We didn't record it for the sport you understand, we recorded it because it's the best event for tanned young males wearing the tiniest possible speedos.

And my God, Thomas Finchum is soooo good looking. He's just yummy.

So now I am obviously a full on sports fan, to the point where I may even try to get tickets for the 2012 Olympics. Why didn't anyone tell me sport could be so interesting?


Anonymous said...

The diving was excellent! The winner of the 10m dive was an Aussie, Matthew Mitcham (or similar) who was the only out athelete to take part in the Games (the only one - out of how many thousands!). He broke the Chinese winning streak, their competitors won every single other gold medal - the looks on their faces when he pulled ahead with his last dive were priceless.

superlative said...

I know, we saw (and taped) him too. Although there is something quite sexy about speedos, there is something even more sexy about speedos that say 'Australia' across the back.

Doubtless because, as we all know, all Australians are blond, muscly and hot, and their Olympic swim team only seems to feature men who could do modelling on the side.