26 August 2007

Alcoholic trauma #2

No, I haven’t fainted again, although it has been a bit touch and go at times.

I went to the doctors to see if I should be concerned about my lack of a constitution and inability to remain conscious. I saw a nice nurse (you’re never allowed to see a doctor there, not unless you actually have a limb detached or something) who said that probably I’m fine. I’m just too thin and have no energy reserves, so after gorging myself on calorific alcohol I get a slump afterwards. So she thinks I should eat more and try to gain some weight.

Gain some weight?! What about my anorexic chic? Hmm… I’ll have to have a think about that. I wouldn’t mind being a bit broader and more muscly, but I’m not sure how exactly I could eat more than I do at the moment. I suppose I could pipe milkshake directly into my veins during the night.

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