20 August 2007

Alcoholic trauma

Naomi’s wedding was lovely. I hadn’t realised it was going to be in a massive marquee in the middle of a field, but they had done it so nicely. And there was a free bar all night, result! But that also meant I don’t know how much I drank.

I remember nearly getting tearful at the hog roast because of its poor little piggy face and piggy tail. And then I remember getting back to the B&B and taking photos of each other being dwarves (sorry to the dwarfish community). And I fell down between two beds. And I saw some female nipples, which was exciting for me.

But then for the THIRD time after drinking I almost fainted in the car on the way home again the next day. I have got such a fragile constitution! I really ought to do something about my low blood pressure and hypoglycaemia issues. Or just stop drinking so much. But then we do need to be realistic about this, and wine does taste awfully nice…

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