22 February 2008

Sleepy but smug

Not only did I get up at 6.30am yesterday and was on a running machine in the gym by 7.30am, I also went clubbing to Dynamite Boogaloo's 16th birthday last night. So I was rather shockingly up for almost 20 hours, and then only had 4 and a half hours sleep before I got up for work again.

Not surprisingly I am quite tired today, but I'm glad I managed to do everything I wanted. The gym was fine but completely crippled my arms for the rest of the day yesterday. The alcohol and dancing seem to have limbered me up quite a lot though, so I'm quite pleased about that.

Boogaloo was also good, and there were quite a few hot boys there yesterday. There were also some navy boys, who mostly weren't that cute, but oddly Stu decided to get them up on stage and make them take their clothes off, which went down well with the crowd. Oh, and some girl took her bra off and jumped up and down in order to clinche the cabaret game.

It's Super Dynamite Boogaloo on Saturday, so I'll need to find an exciting new outfit for it by then!

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