19 February 2008


I made my first trip to the gym this morning, at the shocking time of 7.30am. It was alright actually. It was very quiet, as most sane people were still in bed, and I spent a profitable 45 minutes trying out a few of the different machines.

My hope is that going to the gym will actually succeed in developing a bit of muscle on me; so far my "trying to do some press ups at home" regime has had little noticeable effect. Being too lazy to remember to do them every day probably doesn't help much.

The weights machines were a bit scary though. I wasn't really sure how to use most of them, even after asking the man, so I stuck to the ones that looked most straight forward and least likely to snap back and sever my head. When I sat down on most of them I thought "oh right, I'll try the second or third weight after the lightest, the lightest one is probably for girls". But no, apparently the lightest weight is for girls AND me, so I will have to make do with that for the moment. I'm sure after a couple more visits I'll be up near the top somewhere and benchpressing small cars and things.

So, buff hunky physique here I come! Watch this space for updates/relapse into chocolate eating and doing no exercise.

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