30 November 2007

My interesting view

Unusually, the window from my office does not open into the outside world, and instead opens into the interior courtyard of my building. Initially I was disappointed not to have fresh air and sunshine, but then I realised that my view is far more interesting where it is. Directly opposite my window is a seminar room where they do all sorts of interesting things to keep me amused during the day. Last Friday the students were pummelling a small plastic baby in the back and making its head flail around. I assume they were learning about clearing airways or resuscitating a baby or something, but it didn’t look to me like the baby would enjoy it very much.

“Yes we managed to clear the blockage madam, but unfortunately your child’s head has come off. You should probably get that checked.”

There is also the added bonus that lots of male nursing students are really quite attractive. If I had an outside view, I suppose I would occasionally see someone hot walk past for a few seconds and then they’d be gone. With a seminar room, they’re obliged to sit there for an hour while I look at them. Not in a pervy way of course, I’m sure they don’t even notice. Although I should probably rethink the opera glasses, they may attract attention.

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