04 June 2009

Big Brother 10

Big Brother starts AGAIN today, and is now into its tenth year in the UK. Ten years! I can't believe they've not let it die yet, the last few years have just been so appalling and pointless.

The first couple of years I quite enjoyed, because the people they put in were mostly quite normal. That was the point wasn't it? Put normal people into a house together and see how they cope with confinement and being constantly filmed. And it was interesting, it was interesting to see the relationships they formed and the way they coped (or didn't cope) with the pressures of it.

But then somewhere along the way the producers lost the plot and decided normal people weren't sensational enough. So now to get on it you basically have to be a freak or a loud-mouthed idiot. How many of the audition tapes tonight I wonder will have people saying "I tell it like it is, me. If someone pisses me off, I won't bitch about it, I'll say it to their face"? In other words, you're rude, have no tact or social skills, and like to cause arguments. Not that most of them will actually DO that of course - it's just what you say in the audition so you get picked. Once they're actually in there they go back to bitching like everyone else.

If they're all freaks, how are we meant to relate to any of them?

And because they pick people with no social skills, the programme now has to rely on bizarre "twists" to try to make it more interesting, like making half of them servants or infecting some of them with herpes or releasing killer bees into the kitchen.

I wouldn't mind so much if they at least put some cute men in there. Occasionally they try, but generally over the last 10 years there has been hardly anyone I've found attractive on there at all. And it's so unfair compared to some other countries!

Australian Big Brother viewers get this:

And we get this:

How is that fair??

So I suppose I'll just do tonight what I normally do when Big Brother starts: watch the first episode (possibly on mute) and see if I like the look of anyone, and then never watch it again and be thoroughly fed up that there's nothing else on Channel 4 or E4 for three months.

I have two (small) claims to Big Brother fame, by the way: I went to school with Victor who was on it one year (tall black guy, claimed to have had a 'gritty' upbringing but went to the same Roman Catholic boys' school as I did, and frankly it wasn't that gritty); and I was once mean to Kitten on the telephone (shortly before she went on Big Brother) after she didn't get a job where I worked and she thought being pushy and rude afterwards would make us reconsider.

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