19 August 2008

Four weeks later...

God, SO much time has passed and so much has happened since I last wrote on here that it's almost too daunting to want to start doing it again! But, having blogged the whole of the run-up to the wedding, I can hardly not blog the actual event, now can I? I think I'll have to try and be fairly frugal though, or we'll be here all day...

So I shall try to catch up by doing posts summarising all the wonderful and exhausting things that have happened since 25 July, namely:
  • the wedding
  • New York
  • San Francisco
  • Stuart and Helen's wedding in Wiltshire
  • The epic adventure to get from Wiltshire to darkest Sweden in 16 hours (while also finding some time in there to sleep) for Rob and Emma's wedding
I think that amount of detail is about the most I can manage! And that'll more or less bring me back up to date. Phew! So let's start with post number 1...
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